MOYUUM Silicon Baby Bottle Nipple Brush Coral Beige


MOYUUM Korea Silicone Baby Bottle Nipple Brush-Variety of options Easy to wash and clean in one place! Comply with US FDA standard, strictly selected Korean platinum Silicone material The bristles are combined with three-section and square side brushes, which can clean completely without dead corners With special brush for pacifier, it is convenient to clean the milk dirt inside the pacifier It dries quickly and is not easy to breed bacteria, making cleaning easier!

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-Brand: MOYUUM Korea
-Place of Origin: South Korea
-Name: Silicone baby bottle nipple brush
-Contents: Silicone baby bottle brush x1+ Silicone nipple brush x1
-Color: Beige
-Weight: 103 g
Bottle brush (the whole piece is about 30 cm long, and the brush head is about 10.5 cm long)
Nipple brush (the whole piece is about 8.5 cm long, and the brush head is about 5.5 cm long)

Brush head (Silicone/-20℃~140℃)
Handle (PP / -20℃~110℃)

-Before the first use, please soak the brush head in boiling hot water 2-3 times before use.
-Please be careful not to put the brush handle part in boiling water, it may cause deformation and other problems at high temperature.
-Do not use microwave ovens, dish dryers, steam cookers, or ultraviolet cookers to sterilize this product.
-When using boiling water, please stay away from children's activities to avoid danger.
Silicone material may be discolored due to long-term use. This is a normal phenomenon. Please rest assured to use it.
-Before each use, please check whether there are cracks or breakages in each part of the product, if any, please stop using it and replace it immediately.

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