MOYUUM PPSU Real Fit Nipple 2EA Level 3


MOYUUM Korea Imitation Breastmilk Replacement Pacifier (2pcs/set) Variety of options
Let bottle feeding and pro-feeding have the same feeling!

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-Brand: MOYUUM Korea
-Name: Imitation breast milk type replacement pacifier
-Place of Origin: South Korea
-Style: 5month+
-Material: Silicone LSR (120℃)
-Size: 45x45x44.4 mm
-Weight: 16.6g

1. Before use, please clean it before use.
2. Do not use hard brushes to clean the products, it is recommended to use soft sponges and neutral detergents to clean them with warm water.
3. Before each use, please check whether there are cracks or breakages in each part of the product, if any, please stop using it and replace it immediately.
4. Steam disinfection, ultraviolet disinfection, dish dryer disinfection and boiling water disinfection are possible.
5. If using boiling water for disinfection, please boil the water and turn off the heat, and soak the bottle and nipple for disinfection for 1 minute.
6. Do not use the pacifier as a pacifier.
7. Do not expose the product to direct sunlight, direct heating or disinfection for longer than the recommended time, so as not to accelerate the deterioration of the material and reduce the service life.
8. The nipple is a consumable, it will lose its elasticity and function after use and cleaning. It is recommended to replace the nipple in 3 months and the bottle in 6 months, depending on the conditions of use.

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