MOYUUM PPSU All In One Feeding Bottle Cloud No Nipple 270ml

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  • ENOUGH CAPACITY - Capacity of the baby bottle is enough big than other baby bottles. But they offer excellent grip due to slim design.
  • WIDE NECK - It's convenient to put breast milk or powdered milk in the baby bottle. It's able to wash and dry product easily.
  • CLEAR GRADATIONS - For convenient measuring, gradations are marked on the bottle in every 1oz / 40ml vividly.
  • EASY OPEN OVER CAP - The convenient over cap which is easy to open and which does not rolled down.
  • MINIMIZED CURVE - By minimizing curves on the product, it's able to wash and dry the bottle cleanly without breast milk or milk formula residue in the bottle.

-Brand: MOYUUM Korea
-Place of Origin: South Korea
-Capacity: 270 ml
-Size: 6.4 x 6.4 x 18.5 cm
Baby bottle (PPSU / 200℃)
Bottle cap/bottle plug (PP / 100℃)
Pacifier (Silicone LSR / 120℃)

-Before using for the first time, please clean it before use.
-Do not use hard brushes to clean the product. It is recommended to use a soft sponge and a neutral detergent to clean it with warm water.
-When using boiling water or microwave ovens, please stay away from children's activities to avoid danger.
-Please avoid pouring drinks or carbonated drinks above about 38°C to avoid leakage due to different pressures inside and outside the bottle.
-Do not use the pacifier as a pacifier.
-Before each use, please check whether there are cracks or breakages in each part of the product, if any, please stop using it and replace it immediately.
-The pacifier is a consumable, it will lose its elasticity after long-term use and cleaning.

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