MOYUUM PPSU All in One Feeding Bottle Cloud Edition170ml

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Korea gold baby bottle achieves all-around All in One!

The exclusive design of "Korea gold baby bottle" is new and cute!
The fresh geometrical figures match the natural amber color of PPSU
Combining fashion, function, quality and value, continue to deliver expectations for a better life in the future.

Carefully select the most secure bottle material (PPSU)
✓Durable and anti-drop ✓Ultra light weight ✓Passed safety verification ✓High temperature 200℃
According to different growth stages, you can replace the accessories as you like to realize the possibility of multiple uses in one bottle!

Soft and realistic imitation milk nipple
✓Food grade Silicone ✓Imitation milk nipple ✓Wide anti-colic exhaust valve
The material complies with the US FDA standard, which perfectly reflects the breasts of Asian mothers
Let bottle feeding be as natural as pro-feeding, giving the baby the most intimate sucking experience!

Close to life needs
✓Wide diameter✓Rounded corner design✓Clear scale markings✓Standing bottle cap
It is not only convenient for brewing milk powder, but also for cleaning the milk bottle
The design makes life more friendly, and it is more intimate for the whole family's usage!

-Brand: MOYUUM Korea
-Place of Origin: South Korea
-Capacity: 170 ml
-Size: 6.4x6.4x14.5 cm
Baby bottle (PPSU / 200℃)
Bottle cap/bottle plug (PP / 100℃)
Pacifier (Silicone LSR / 120℃)

-Before using for the first time, please clean it before use.
-Do not use hard brushes to clean the product. It is recommended to use a soft sponge and a neutral detergent to clean it with warm water.
-When using boiling water or microwave ovens, please stay away from children's activities to avoid danger.
-Please avoid pouring drinks or carbonated drinks above about 38°C to avoid leakage due to different pressures inside and outside the bottle.
-Do not use the pacifier as a pacifier.
-Before each use, please check whether there are cracks or breakages in each part of the product, if any, please stop using it and replace it immediately.
-The pacifier is a consumable, it will lose its elasticity after long-term use and cleaning.

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