Cheeki Monki Yogurt Cubes Plain 16g (24pcs/carton)


Yogurt and fruit are processed by freeze-dried method, and it is easy to store and carry zipper bag pouch in yogurt snack which has plenty of nutrition and lactic acid bacteria needed for infant.

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- 4 flavors : Strawberry, Blueberry, Mango, Apple

- Contains over 400 million alive probiotics and fruits over 47%

- Rich flavor and taste while minimizing nutritional loss through freeze-dride technology

- Cube shape Baby suitable for infant's small muscle development

- No preservatives, Np flavoring

- Triple packing and zip-lock bag type for easy storage and carrying

- ITI was recognized as a differentiated flavor by the evaluation result of 1 star


How to Enjoy 100%

- Mix yogurt cubes and milk, a simple way to make fruits yogurt

- Turns into a nutritional cheese ball if rolled with cheese

- Cube yogurt bites, good for finger plays

- yogurt cube topping on fruit puree

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